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Up Ur C

What is Up Ur C? The C stands for the coefficient of conservatism. We believe generally that restorations should increase the value of species. Coefficients range from 1 to 10 and represent an estimated probability that a plant is likely to occur in a landscape in a manner that is relatively unaltered from its approximate pre-European settlement condition. Simply, the higher the C-value, the rarer the native plant species and the more special, the more diverse the remnant or restoration; the lower the C-value the weedier and more disturbed the area. We believe that in today's highly fragmented landscape, continued, on-going, hands-on, quality restorations, with hi C-values, are vital to the well being of the world.

Below is our information broken down phylogenetically. Please click on a link to bring up the information you need. If your phylogeny is weak, consult the document C0 index and search for the genus or family name. To search the document on a Mac use command+F; on a PC use control+F.

Up Ur C ~ Genesis Nursery Notes 24

Cover C0 index C1 plants intro
C2 gymnosperms C3 primitive angios C4 monocots1
C4 monocots2 C4.5 Iris C5 juncus
C6 gotsedge1 C6 gotsedge2 C6 noncarice sedge
C7 grass 1 C7 grass 2 C8 dicots misc. 1
C9 buttercups C10 beano 1 C10 beano 2
C11 byanyothername C12 snapdragons 1 C13 mints
C14 asters 1 C14 asters 2 C14 asters 3
C14 asters 4 C15 whatsupdoc C16 woodies
D close    

*Note - The Illinois distribution maps within the PDFs do not display properly with Firefox.