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Plant Offerings

Our plants are greener than ever!

Our Nexus™ greenhouse complex is now completely converted from forced air venting to remove excess heat to peak venting, using natural, energy-free convection. We had been using numerous large electric fans to blow hot air from the green houses. Now hot air naturally rises and exits our Nexus™ greenhouses. Runoff from greenhouse roofs and floors is piped into a wetland rain garden. All greenhouse waste vegetation and waste soil are composted onsite.
Our greenhouse trays and pots are reused until they are no longer usable and then recycled. We accept used trays and pots from our customers for our greenhouse use or recycling. Pricing is done by quote only, so please send us your specifications so we can get you appropriate pricing and avalability. Please click on the link below to see a general list of the species we offer. The key for the code in the slide show is listed near the bottom of the page.

2016 Plant Offerings

*The following is our general list and does vary from season to season. We are not limited by thew items in this list and can grow most species with appropriate notice.

Sun/shade P = prairie, S = savanna, W = woodland. Wetness Emer = 0-4" water, Wet = spring and summer wet soils, Mesic = soils where water does not run in or off, Dry = sloping soils where water runs off, Xeric = soils with rapid internal drainage. Comments aggr = aggresive, calc = calcareous soils, grou = ground cover, leg = legume, orna = ornamental, rhiz = rhizomatous, sand = sandy soils.