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Included in this page are links to various articles and other interesting (hilarious) items that we have found. Please enjoy!

In a Nutshell (Quick & Dirty Guidelines for Native Plantings) Kritters-what they do & don't eat
The Natural Divisions of Illinois By John E. Schwegman Freddy Fescue
1994 Proceedings of the North American Conference of Savannas & Barrenslink to U.S. EPA sedgesedges
The Old Explorer an essay by Jock Ingels Designing with Nature
A Prairie Remnant a poem by Doug Ingels An Overview of Asters Link to webpage by John C. Semple at the University of Waterloo
Are Botanists Ruining Prairie an article by Chris Helzer Douglas E. Wade The "Ecology Man" an essay by Laura Keller
Field Applying Innoculants

The following is a list of sites that we have found informative and useful. If you have more to add please contact us with a link. Thanks!
John Hilty’s website- All the IL native flower information a person could want. Along with insect and animal associations.
Illinois Plant Information Network
Butterflies and Moths of North America
vPlants – A Virtual Herbarium of the Chicago Region
The Biota of North America Program (BONAP)
Plants for a Future
Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium
Flora of North America @
Michigan Flora online
New England Wild Flower Society
Missouri Botanical Garden
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
USDA NRCS Plants Database
Fire Effects Information System
USDA AGS Germplasm Resources Information Network
Native Plant Network Propagation Protocol Database
The Seed Biology Place
Ontario Grasses
Get Your Botany On!
Native Plant Journal-Native Plant Network
Prairie Restoration A Digital Aid Featuring Seeds, Seedlings, and Fruits
Just a Few Oddball Species By Steve Packard
Horticulture & Ecology
Kentucky Native Plant Society - Illinos Native Plant Society
J. l. Hudson, Seedsman  “Preservation Through Dissemination”  “If your phone doesn’t ring, its me.”
Rare Native Ohio plants
Oceans of Grass
The University of North Carolina Herbarium and Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States by Alan S. Weakley
Flora, Fauna, Earth, and Sky...The Natural History of the Northwoods
Seed Germination Theory & Practice By Norman C. Deno
S.B. Mead's Catologue of Plants-Growing Spontaneously in the State of Illiois, the principle part near Augusta, Hancock county - The Prairie Farmer Vol.6 No.1-4 pgs. 33-34;58;91;117-120
4 Books By Wally Broecker - Newberry Professor in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at Columbia University & at Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
The Dunesland Heritage of Illinois by Herbert H. Ross; Circular 49 Illinois Natural History Survey
Illinois Loess-Variations in its Properties and Distribution-A Pedologic Interpretation By Guy D. Smith
Holmes Trillium Research
Flora Peoriana-The Vegetation in the Climate of Middle Illinois By Frederick Brendel
A List of Plants Collected in the Vicinity of Oquawka, Henderson County, ILLS. By Harry N. Patterson
Transactions of the Illinois State Agricultural Society.
  • Catalogue of the Plants of the State of Illinois, By Increase A. Lapham (Pages 511-569)
  • Animals Injurious or Useful to Vegetation, By Robert Kennicott (Pages 634-703)
  • Useful and Noxious Grasses of Illinois, By Increase A. Lapham (Pages 570-632)
Soil Report No. 40 Whiteside County Soils (June 1928) By University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station
The Genera of North American Plants: And a Catalogue of the Species to the Year 1817 By Thomas Nuttall
The Vascular Plants of Scott & Muscatine Counties By Ludwig F. Guldner
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